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If you are interested in poetry that brings a touch of comfort, openheartedness, and healing, you have come to the right place.  My debut collection is a trip filled with mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences that may touch on your own.  If you have received a healing or experienced an emotional shift, I invite you to please tell me about them. On this site, you will also find new entries and announcements of publications.

An Interview with Peggy

Peggy discusses her work and her inspiration in this Q&A interview.

The Book Is Here!


Threading the Path:

Words of compassion stitched through poetry

This book, “Threading the Path” is a group of poems, bracketed and interspersed with simple quilt motifs that came to mind during meditation. Quilting, the process of gathering random scraps of fabric, joining them into a harmonious whole, then melding layers together with a superimposed design, is an analogy for healing—-the reclamation of broken aspects of ourselves into a reclaimed whole, with each stitch representing a prayer.

Threading the Path: Words of Compassion Stitched Through Poetry is a tour through those universal experiences where we carry the burden of life’s wounds:

  • Disillusionment, when our world is not as you hoped it would be
    Disappointment, when something we counted on does not work out as you expected
  • Depression, when loss seems too much to bear
  • Anxiety, when fearful thoughts overwhelm you
  • Despair, when powerlessness leads you to believe that there is no hope


This poetry embraces the realities of life’s troubles while igniting faith in all the possibilities life has to offer…and suggests the rethinking of assumptions in order to create a happier future. The words acknowledge the universal experiences of life, expresses compassion, connects with the reader’s tender heart, and points toward healing and serenity.

From a career as a psychotherapist, energy healer, and intuitive, Peggy Galantowicz has written poetry by surrendering to the soft gentle whisper from deepest intuition,

From the hearts of those who watch and wait to be heard
Poetry flowing to wipe the tears.

A Reading

When a Girl Takes a Walk:

In a magically stimulating environment, both children and adults have to manage their excitement and manage each other.

About Me

 Author & Poet

Peggy Galantowicz

After a busy youth raising four children, following my husband from Washington, DC to Brussels then to St. Louis, I completed an additional graduate degree in psychotherapy and followed my goal of working with people who had experienced trauma or abuse in their lives. After many years of rewarding agency and private practice work, I happily returned to my hometown of Buffalo, NY to enjoy my retirement. This gave me the freedom and serenity to follow some of my favorite activities: meditation, holistic healing and fiber arts. To my astonishment, I discovered that when I sat in quiet solitude, words would come to mind, and if I wrote them down without directing them in any way, poetry would emerge. In my career as a psychotherapist, I believed in science and the importance of data. This new experience was transformative. I was receiving the written word, a gift of constructive illumination, given by a blessed voice that I heard when I listened with my heart, my inner knowing, not my busy brain.

The poetry was unsought, unbidden. If I had searched my conscious mind, the poetry would have eluded me. The poems are a blessed gift from a place of spiritual awakening. As such, I have felt a deep inner voice urging me to share them with the world so that anyone who happens to read them could be touched by the blessings of healing, compassion and comfort.

A Sigil

A sigil is a symbolic representation of energy, of intention

4 areas of human connection


Turning one’s gaze to fully take in the presence of another and receiving the message that something is needed


Two individual entities in one relationship that carries a life-giving energy


Open-hearted kindness and concern for another


Energy being transformed into accomplishment, manifesting basic goodness

The Dream Figure

The gift of romance visits a dream state .

The Ritual Path

The labyrinth calls and I step onto the soft sponge

Slowly, slowly, each step, turn and view this aspect and that

To see the prism of colors shimmer and quake,

Like a kaleidoscope turning its parcel of bits,

And so I see the world in its components,
This way and that, the pine needles on the oak tree,

The tattered flower petals on the porch stair,

The blend of rose and blue as the sky fills with its mighty gaze,

As I walk, and turn, and behold the shade where the mound of rock sits

In patient watchfulness over the dandelions’ wave,

And now there is another turn and there is movement and change

As the wind forces the bent tendrils of vine to reveal the hidden gate.

Walk on walk on and see each repetitive move as a report to one’s heart of the steadfastness of the moment

Around and around and follow our gaze as it passes.

Till we reach the ritual center of it all,
And rest with our hearts full of gratitude
for the blessings of the journey.

A Reading

First Time at an Amusement Park:

In a magically stimulating environment, both children and adults have to manage their excitement and manage each other.

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